Yoga means that which unites. i.e., the inner Self with higher Self..

 Of all of the matters withinside the global, of all of the matters that a person can do, why yoga? Everything that humans can do is largely an expression of who they may be. Somebody sings a track someone dances, someone writes a book, someone paints a picture. Whatever else we do, is an expression of who you're. You can be aware of it, you'll be subconscious of it however nevertheless the whole lot which you say, the whole lot which you do, the whole lot that comes out of you is largely an expression of who you're. 

So yoga, in that manner is diametrically contrary to this due to the fact it’s now no longer an expression of who you're; it’s approximately figuring out as to who you're. It’s approximately figuring out as to what you need to be, converting the very basics of one’s existence. Today there's great scientific and clinical proof to reveal that the very basics of the hobby of your brain, your chemistry, even your genetic content material may be modified with the aid of using working towards specific structures of yoga. This wished no affirmation due to the fact we've constantly witnessed this, however these days there's clinical facts to show this. 

So this isn't an expression of who you're; that is approximately figuring out the character of who you desire to be, converting the essential components which has made you who you're. So yoga as a system, wishes a good deal extra involvement than some other matters that one.. some other…different sorts of matters that we do which can be simply an expression of who we are. If you discover complete expression via any precise hobby, it is able to additionally depart you particularly converted. If you prepare dinner with all of your heart, a few transformation can also additionally happen. Yes. Taking care of a cow can alternate your life, you already know? If you sing with all of your heart, a few transformation can also additionally happen. If you dance with all of your heart, a few transformation can also additionally happen. But this is most effective a positive effect this is taking place due to absolute involvement in a selected hobby.

 But basically that hobby with the aid of using nature is an expression of who you're, it isn't figuring out the character of who you're. So whilst we rework our hobby, now no longer as an expression of who we are, ’purpose who desires to discover expression like this withinside the morning? Definitely now no longer, isn’t it? So, it isn't an expression, it's far a method, it's far a means, it’s an era via which you may alternate the form of who you're; actually additionally, in any other case additionally. You can alternate the very form of who you genuinely are proper now, that may be converted due to the fact who you're proper now as a person, is a mixture of matters – genetic cloth, earlier than that the karmic substance which you carry; due to which you selected a positive womb, so the genetic cloth and because the second you’re born, something sort of impressions which have long gone into you withinside the shape of sort of experiences, situations, thoughts, emotions, relationships, associations, something else you've got got imbibed, all this stuff make you a positive sort of person. 

When you say, ‘I am a positive sort of person,’ what you're pronouncing is, ‘I actually have this sort of compulsions.’ When you say, ‘I’m this sort of person,’ what you’re pronouncing is, ‘This is the sort of compulsions that I discover myself with, so I am this sort of a person.’ People, you already know It’s a totally western aspect.  However it’s very a good deal there in India these days, ‘purpose lot of Indians are a ways extra western than West. You know, in case you move all of the manner west, you come to India, so they may be a good deal extra western than Westerners are these days. 

So humans say, ‘I’m a morning person. I’m a nighttime person.’ So what they imply is, ‘Morning, I can't awaken withinside the morning, meaning I’m a nighttime person.’ ‘I can’t live wide conscious withinside the nighttime, so I’m a morning person.’ Not most effective that, humans it’s going a ways, you already know, a few are Blackberry humans, a few are Apple humans. It's all getting… global is getting divided into such a lot of ways. They’re now no longer simply units which you use and preserve it down, you get diagnosed with it. So there are chapatti humans, there are rice humans, there are dosa humans, there are idli humans, you already know, all kinds. So what type you're is largely a positive form of compulsions.

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