After 950 years from the beginning of Kaliyuga, there used to live one devotee  by name Bilwamangala.Swamiyaar.  For having vision ofVishnu he used to do a lot of poojas and mediattions.  One day an attractive and handsome young boy went into his home.  The Swamiyaar was attacted by seeing this boy and requested the boy to reside with him for ever.  The boy accepted  Swamiyar's request on one condition.  "If I am neglected or  not honored any time, I 'll leave this place and go to Ananthakadu.  And the Swamiyar also agreed to his condition.

The boy with his naughty behaviour used to do  a lot of mischievous things and makes the Swamiyaar to get  angry.  One day when the Swamiyaar was performing pooja, he observed the boy was playing with idol of Vishnu and he cautioned the boy and immediately the boy started to move from the home and reached Ananthakadu.  The Swamiyaar followed the boy in search of him.  He observes  the boy enters into a tree and the becomes gigantic and expands up to height of 13kms and falls down and turns into an idol of Vishnu.  Then only the Swamiyar came to know that the boy was none but Lord Vishnu.  The Swamiyar prayed Vishnu to minimise the gigantic idol to do his daily poojas.  Immediately the idol has become as 18 feet idol.  The Swamiyaar requested the then king to build a temple for the idol to do the daily poojas.  That is the present Anantha Padmanabha Aalaam.

When we hear the name Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple we generally do not remember the God, but our thoughts will take us to the lakhs of crores of wealth present there. Now we will look into the fund of lakhs of crores in the temple.  And we will see the two special characters related to this temple.

The first one is there is a crocodile in the temple river by name Babia.  The uniqueness of the crocodile is, this is the only one in this world which is herbivorous.  This will consume only food which is prepared by rice.  There is a room of 20 feet from the bottom of this temple in addition there will be 6 rooms and these are called A,B,C,D,E and F.

The rooms E & F are opened regularly and used for the regular storage of the jewels which are used for the temple.  D & E rooms are opened only three times in a year.  These rooms are used to store the special ornaments which are used during the utsavams of the Lord.  A & B rooms are not opened for the last 150 years.

In 2007 a lawyer filed a suit in Supreme Court, that a lot of jewelry fund is available in this temple and it is misused and robbing on daily basis.  Then Supreme Court has ordered the authorities of the temple to open all the doors of the rooms.  For this purpose 6 judges, RBI staff and some scientists with German Technology.  And started to count the jewels in every room.  After completion in C,D,E,F rooms and reached Chamber B.  The door of the Chamber B is made up of steel and there are two images of snakes.  They tried their best to open the door but  not succeeded.  Then they tried to open the Chamber of A by using the latest technology, they found only dust and nothing else. They found another door to go to the Bhoogarbha.  

When they go there, they found the eight wonder of the world. They found tons of gold coins, diamond jewels in bags and boxes.  It took them  6 months to make a report of the wealth.  Apart this, they observed 1,20,000 crores of valuables in the remaining 5 rooms and this is estimated according previous values.  If they are taken into the present rate, another 10% will need to add to the value. That is 12,00,000 crores.  According to their estimation there will be approximately 50,00,000 crores of valuables.  Apart from this they found another 2 rooms G & H.  These rooms are not opened i.e., total 3 rooms are yet to open.

Now we'll see how these funds are generated.  This is not the creation of God and not generated overnight.  These are generated for the temple for the last 2000 years in 5 ways.

They are

1. Gold Tax: Travancore Kings are the great devotees of Lord Padmanabha.  They made a rule in their kingdom that some percentage of their earnings should be donated to the Lord.

2. Invasion: Travancore  Kings when they fight with the other kingdoms and winning amount used to donate to the Lord.

3. Donations: There are a lot of kings including Sri Krishna Devaraya who were the staunch devotees of the Lord.  They used to donate in large for the Lord in happiness for the blessings of the God.

4. During the period of Gouree lakshmi Bhai, they donated all the surplus fund of other temples and have been stores in the Storage.

5. Black Gold.  The pepper which are grown in only Kerala has the another advantage for the wealth. The other kings used to pay the same quantity of gold for replacig the peppers.

In these 5 ways the authorities have gathered the gold fund and diamond jewels.

The secret behind the large storage of the wealth is,in 1741, Netherlanlds and Portuguese are tried to invade India.  They come to know about the wealth of the Padmanabha Temple.  Then the kind had an idea to keep the gold in a secret place.  Not only this Tippu Sulthan's army also reached the Ernakulam in Kerala.  At that time the King of Kerala, Marthanda Varma was unable to fight with the TipuSulthan's army.  Hence he decided to hide the wealth in a secret place.

In 1799 Tipu Sulthan died and he decided to donate the whole fund to the Lord.  The most powerful magicians are there in Kerala, and with their support they made a powerful nagabandham for the Chamber B and closed the door permanently.  Now no one knows what is there in the Chamber B. 

There is a strong belief that if any one tries to open the doors, they will be destroyed.  For example, the lawyer who made a suit in Supreme Court had died within one week of the opening of the room.

There was a crisis in Kerala 100 years back.  When the people reached the temple to save their lives, they attacked by the dreadful Snakes in the vicinity.  And the they heard the unique sound in the area. And this temple was at a distance of 3.5 ks from the sea. The waves of the sea and hissing sound of the snakes are heard.

With this they came to the conclusion that if the doors are oped, there is a belief that there may a tsunami and there may be ending of the world.

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