Here's the Samsung M51  phones were way more expensive than their Chinese competitors.  Well now the difference is getting narrower and the options are getting better without running around the bush 7000 mAH battery that's like a built-in power bank and it is in every way just for that salute but it doesn't mean it's perfect.  It takes about two hours to fully charge which is quite acceptable considering the battery is a mammoth size now coming to the best part,  power bank well the M51 comes with reverse charging so you can charge your other phone or a bluetooth earphone using the M51.  Phone isn't that great the charging cable provided is a USB to USB which means you can charge any device that has a USB charging port. we all have been through that time when our earphones and our spare phone battery is dying the M51 will share its juice with other devices without any hassle.

 There is also an option to toggle for slow charging you would ask why would anyone want slow charging well this will let you keep your device for overnight charging and trust me this is so important for many of us who leave our phones for overnight charging.  It helps keeping the battery in good health and it's safe the other big pro of the M51 is its display it's huge 6.7 inch Amoled infinity display with a tall 209 aspect ratio.  You get a full HD plus resolution and the display is protected by gorilla glass 3 to prevent it from scratches.  It has a 60' hertz rate but for some reason it actually feels like 90 hertz. It's so smooth that I had to double check in the spec sheet.  It's unbelievably smooth for a phone with 60 hz. It just flows since it's an Amoled panel you get those deep blacks and super vivid colors if the colors are too contrasty for your preference.   

You can have the option to choose it from vivid to natural natural mode makes it look more subtle and it's easy on the eyes.  Again it's a matter of reference I actually didn't mind the vivid colors see I have no comments in accepting that Samsung makes the best mobile phone displays hands down just unbeatable it's a treat to the eyes when you're streaming and watching your favorite content on it. It also has wildline l1 support to stream HDcontent from Amazon prime and Netflix.  Also thanks to the ambulant panel we get always on mode so you can see your time notifications without consuming battery.  

 The M51 is simply brilliant in the display department.  So did you know that this doesn't have an in-display fingerprint scanner. Even though it has an Amoled display,  frankly I'm not a fan of the display scanners.   It's slow it's lagging it's no fun the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung M51 is on the side power button.  The best part is it's blazing fast.  It also is more convenient if you're holding the phone in your right hand you can use your thumb to unlock if it's in your left hand you use your index finger.  The only downside is you can't save more than three fingerprints.  It also comes with face unlock and one will be really crazy for this one.  But it worked pretty well in my limited time of testing.  

Coming to the performance well this is what also blew me most M series devices have had issues with performance and it was mostly because of the unde powered chipset.  But with the M51 they chose a more powerful snapdragon 730g with adreno 618 gpu.  You have an option to choose between 6gb or 8gb ram with a 128gb standard storage option.   I am happy to say that the snapdragon 730g held up extremely well for gaming and day-to-day multitasking use coming to the camera its main shooter is a 64 megapixel Sony IMX 682 sensor 12 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel depth sensor and 5 megapixel macro I'm so glad they didn't give a 2 megapixel that would have been such a waste on the front is a 32 megapixel selfie camera.   All right so how do they perform the primary 64 megapixel sensor is a delight it's like no shot can go wrong it produces excellent images with great amount of detail sharpness and dynamic range in daylight shots coming to the night mode performance. This was surprisingly amazing the clarity and the detail in the night shots were jaw dropping for a camera phone in this price segment.  The best part is no noise or haze just make sure you hold the phone steady before you get a shot you're simply gonna love this the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter does a decent job nothing too extraordinary.   Either it also retains the color and dynamic range to a good extent but only in day shots at night.  This one simply has no purpose finally a 5 megapixel macro lens with higher resolution and it does help capturing more detail with those super close shots it captures colors well and does a good job coming to the selfie camera it's a 32 megapixel Sony IMX 616 sensor and does a pretty good job the color accuracy and skin tones were really well captured. 

 you can also take wide angle selfies although there isn't much difference but overall the selfie camera does a very good job you can also record 4k videos at 30 fps with the front and rear camera which is a huge plus with the Samsung M51.  There is also the super sturdy stabilization mode which is basically software stabilization which works really well for sturdy videos the M51 is a complete package it takes most of the features you look for in a smartphone.  It also retains the 3.5 headphone jack for those who prefer the analog music output but there are some things that I'd like to mention which I feel could be better or different if I can say first the build the back plastic is outright bad.  It's a fingerprint magnet and just in a few days of using it it got some micro scratches as well very tiny.  But it did I so wish that the back was made of better quality to make matters worse.  Samsung hasn't even provided a cover along in case you're considering to buy this I highly recommend you buy a case before you buy the phone.

 The device is obviously bulky and thick but that's a small trade off you have to make for a huge battery but again there's nothing to worry about you're getting much more than you're losing the M51 is selling for 24 999 for a 6gb ram 128gb internal storage variant and 26999 for an 8gb ram and 128gb storage variant I know there are other phones with the same chipset and similar specs that are cheaper but samsung has its own place people who are looking for samsung good phones.  This one is just perfect the super Amoled display excellent cameras and a 7000 mAH battery are the biggest reasons to buy the samsung M51.  It's been a while since an m series phone has surprised me the last one was M31 but the performance was not as appealing the M51 is a powerhouse with all its perks it's easily a highly recommended phone if you're looking for a Samsung phone and your budget is 25 000. 

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