We all know we all understand that our memory is the essential reflectivity of our mind. If you get a sharp memory, you'll know, and you have experience then there's not any shortage of succeeding in life. A significant memory can change the whole course of our life, but most of us are facing the issue of forgetting things if I'll ask you how a lot of you feel that your memory is weak.  Most of us think so I was of identical opinion friends.  But when I came to learn about the mechanism of memory, I have improved it dramatically from my day-to-day life activity to the record-breaking level from memorizing a deck of playing cards of 52  in under a minute. You can learn anything whatever you wish to remember, and you can retain it for a very long time as far as you want and it's a  matter of only like say how well you've mastered the art of memorizing. I found in common is that people have a good memory. Still, they don't know actually how to utilize it, and the situation becomes worse in case of students because they spend there most of the time in studies and still not able to attain their desired results.  I have a soft corner for them.   If they know the art of memorizing really, they can fix their most of the learning-related issues and in this competitive time when this is at first acquired skill.  I want to brief here about what's the art of memorizing how it works out of learning?  

We can divide basically into two parts frames one is about designing the information or modifying the story in such a way so that it can catch your attention.  So you can learn it on its own you've got to alter the information friends in line with the taste of the human mind.  Spelling mistakes the majority of the students to make spelling mistakes in their preschools. Students efficiently make this mistake, now the teacher will be cracked it, and we will ask the student to write it five times and if they make a mistake again then write it down ten times.  If also then write it down 20 times no alternate.  There's no use of keep on writing without any involvement of your attention rather than doing it in that way if you modify the information in line with the taste of human mind what your mind prefers to learn.   

We have two different methods like it's useful for us. But you can't memorize a lengthy theory by utilizing this method for learning an approach.  You must use a self meaning system to remember a PI value you have to use grid way of memorizing to memorize chemical equations you want to use journey system or mind palace technique there are over 20 methods of mnemonics. Put your attention on the desired information or in the desired stuff.  Every day you are observing so many things, but you cannot retain it for a very long time. Every moment we're receiving Tao sense of signals on the retinas of our eyes. On our hearing sense, we can't observe all those signals; we'll keep only those signals for which we are programmed.  So it would help if you reprogrammed your mind in such a way so that it is possible to put your attention automatically on the essential things on the information which matters to you the most like.  It happens with students who are like in our exam.  They will read the question,  yes I know the answer to these question words on the bottom of the right-side pages of the book.  But what was the answer that I don't know?  It means that memorizing of the location is more challenging in comparison to learning the solution itself.  How many places we have, top centre bottom three plus three, only six areas and still we can remember the locations of the majority of the answers. 

Because we are programmed to do it, we are programmed to memorize the locations in your college days.  You can remember long theories, and you are walking now, you believe my memory is weak now.  Not your memories are fragile; you have just changed your preferences in your college days. You are more interested in fact and figures now you want to know more about stock markets. So only you have changed your preferences that's why you feel your memory is not right about theory and all but your memory is good, but now you've changed the information like whatever you're collecting now.  

So I will let you know very straightforward exercise you want to do it daily.  If you do this exercise friend, you can improve your memory; you will realize the difference.  So every day before going to sleep you've got to recall your whole day routine start from the questions like this. Which was the very first tab  I touched the ground in the morning when I live in the bed and then what I did to whom I met first then be profession-specific French.  If you're a student, then try to recall the contents of the first lecture second lecture third lecture then what you did at the tuition at home. 

 Now if you're walking then attempt to recall the points linked to Geo profiles like the who are present when you reach the office, what they were doing what they're talking how many calls phone calls you received whole day. And to whom you met what about their names and their facial features.  Try to recall the things so today you'll be not able to place it in detail tomorrow a tiny improvement will be there.  But the day after tomorrow the moment you'll wake up in the morning, and you'll touch the ground with your feet you will get a gentle reminder.  Please pay your kind attention and remember which step is the first its left or right the moment you will enter in the very first lecture your mind will send you a reminder a pop-up.  Yes,  remember all the particulars of the course since you have one set in the night when you will visit the future in your mind will say, hey remember the complete detail of the lecture because you have to answer in the night. If you're walking the moment you will enter in your office your head will say hey remember all the men and women who are sitting what they were doing, what were the problems, what were the remedies of the day and the moment you love you will answer your phone.  Your mind will say, hey remember the detail of the talk. 

We can't answer the questions in detail after reading the complete chapter.  But rather than doing that if they will read the questions first and now read the chapter what will happen?  Now their mind will work like a magnet to observe the answer of those questions, and in a single reading even they can remember the contents of those answers.  So it's kind of programming of your mind you're telling your mind where to focus and where not to focus. So,  this exercise has different levels also like where to focus, and another is in what depth you've got to focus.  That you feel any subject is boring to you so what you will do like for me it's biology. So recall the contents of the biology lecture in detail just like you teach you're entered, and then he asked to reveal to you the assignment and then he explained about a DNA sequencing theory.  Doing this exercise, you're telling your mind that you need to focus in-depth on the biology subject. So it's all about programming your subconscious mind. So allow me to sum it up to friends one part is using the mnemonics.

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