You will follow these steps very simple steps these will include some of the exercises some of the herbs that you can use which are very very effective even if a person is wearing specs.  Do these things and within few months you can feel the effects.  So let's move forward and try to understand why it's happening the number of people wearing the spectacles.   It is we all know you also know this it's all because of our phone,  the video that you're watching right now,  it's on your phone whole of the day we are checking our all the social sites.  Everything it's on the phone see what's happening just understand you are always seeing the near objects. So  when you see the near objects what happens?  You'll feel that your eyes are contracting a bit right now.  

What you do is just look far on the roof.  Just look on the roof a little bit far what's happening now your eyes are expanding.  What's happening nowadays is we are always looking nearby either in the office work or at home deliveries in all the things we are focusing on the nearby stuff that's why it's always concentration.   It's always the contraction of these muscles and these are causing the problem in the kids also so what should be done?  Very simple you want to improve your eyesight you should do the first exercise that you should do is just look far far at a big object.  For example if you are walking just have a look on the sky and you will feel that now your eyes are much relaxed.  They are not in tension, they are just relaxed. This is an exercise simple stuff, but it's very very effective.

 Just look far,  that's the only thing what you have to do.  Do it every single day.  I will say you can do it after 40 minutes 50 minutes or a one hour interval.  Just have a few seconds or you can say 30 seconds. Just look the objects far if you are in the office,  just have a gap and just look far. that's all that's all that's enough for your eyes to relax. This is the  first recommendation that will help you.

Second thing that is very important to do is washing your eyes.  Now how to wash our eyes? Yes, with the cold water in the morning,  the best thing to be done.  But it will be more effective it if you will put the water in your mouth.   Holding the water in your mouth will help   your mouth right, the air and feel your eyes.  They are more open like this if you  lose the air, they are again relaxed more wider open. So if you will hold the water in your mouth it will help to expand your eyes and it will be easier for you to clean your eyes.  So this is the best thing to be done do this as much as time you can do means three to four times in a day.   It will be very beneficial especially in the morning this has to be done.

 The third and the most important exercise is just seeing at your finger. Just take your finger and look at it first put it far just extend your hand, look at one particular point at your finger and then bring it near to you.  Concentrate on that and then  look on the other side or any of the side.  Not on your finger just look for few seconds and then again and then again same.  You have to do this every single day. See these doesn't seems like very complicated or the stuff that can help but really these are very simple stuff and they really help.  If you don't want to wear specs you don't want to use the glasses lenses you can do these exercises.  Do it two times in a day 30 seconds in the morning 30 seconds in the evening that's enough.  You don't have to do a lot these things. 

The last exercise that I would like you to do if you want good eyesight  is that when you are in the office, if  you are working after every 40 minutes to 15 minutes have and get up. You can put an alarm clock so that it reminds you because staring at any of the thing it's either your notebook or it's your any copy or any of the book it will give strain to the eyes.  So a gap is needed. So what will happen is this alarm clock will ring and it will give you a reminder.  What you have to do is just close your eyes very tightly,  just blink your eyes and close them  very tightly as much as you can and then slowly slowly release it and open your eyes.   This is done to move  blood to this area also when the blood will be moved to this area then blood contains  lots of vitamins, minerals and  oxygen.  So these all things will be supplied to your eyes. 

It's like the food to your eyes what happens is when we are saying on a laptop or any of our notebook or reading anything we forget to blink our eyes and this creates a big stain to our eyes.  So what will happen is this is kind of exercise  will make the limb circulation.  The blood circulation proper in this area and these things will help you now. 

 Let's come to the herbal point.  What herbs to be used in our way that the holistic medical science. The best herb to be used is Triphala.  It's my all-time favorite Ayurvedic formula also and  it's good for the eyes. Also even there is an oil named as Triphala grad.  This you can eat  and you can use to oil your eyes.   You  can eat one teaspoon to one tablespoon at night before sleeping. Just you can drink it with warm water.  The oil should be  in the liquid form drink it, drink the water warm or hot. After  40-50 minutes you can sleep.  So just eating also does a good effect on your eyes plus it will clean your body. It's another effects and good for your skin also and  is the beauty of alternative treatment that with one use you don't get the another side effects.  But you get more better effects means the Triphala grid can help you with eyes with hair with your skin plus digestive system.  so take these oil now just warm a bit this reflux so that it becomes a liquid pour them in these cups and just put it on your eye. put it on your one eye it should be clean eye and  open and close your eyes. 

Doing this with the triflagraph is going to help you a lot.  How long to do,  you can do it five two seven minutes.  If you can do it for 10 minutes also better but minimum five to seven minutes is enough. Do it just you can lay down and just put it on your eye open and close your eyes, move your eyes on the right side, left side, up, down rotations, clockwise rotations anti-clockwise. These things are the exercises for the eye.  With this it will be very good for your eyebrows eyelashes.   After this procedure just take a cotton ball and remove this oil from your eye and then relax.  You don't have to go to the sun after this procedure.  Remain in the indoor,  better to do it in the evening so that you don't go out or at the night either day.  When you have a rest do it be at home don't go if you have to go go after 45 minutes so in this way do it these things will help these things are much better than any kinds of operations or any kinds of chemical use all our herbal stuff . 

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