A packet of biscuits along with a cup of hot tea is one of the simplest pleasures.  Life has to offer with milk coffee as an evening snack on just a 2d craving.  We Indians can do without biscuits made sweet salty chocolatey or three.  We have tried on but are you aware of the ingredients that goes in making your favourite cookies loads of sugar artificial colors flavors hydrogenated oils to say the least.  So if you are looking for weight loss or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should know the best biscuits in the market.

 In search of the healthiest biscuit in the Indian market I picked up almost 30 popular biscuits from a nearby supermarket.  After closely going through their ingredients and the nutritional information I have categorized all these biscuits into four categories. 

category  number one includes Sunfeast's Dark Fantasy, Parley Milano, Oreo,  Hide and Seek Britania Bourbon and all other green biscuits.  These may be your favourite biscuits but you should know that they also are unhealthy eatable. If we go through the nutritional information of Oreo biscuits but under them it has 70 grams of carbohydrates out of which thirty eight point six grams is just sugar that is close to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Just 5 biscuits has this much sugar and this is not the complete picture what is more alarming are their ingredients which include refined flour hydrogenated oils artificial colors flavors emulsifiers enhancers raising agents and whatnot?  This is the reason why these biscuits have transferred all these biscuits have almost the same ingredients and nutritional information.

Basically when you consume one of these you are literally consuming a big mixture of maida refined flour and sugar if healthy lifestyle is what you are looking for.  Then these biscuits should not be replaced.  Category number two is that of the biscuits which are better than the ones in category number 1 but are nowhere close to the best.  Most popular biscuits like Parle G,good day Mari Patanjali and others fall into this category. The sugar content in them is between 20 to 30 grams per hundred gram which is about 5 to 8 teaspoons per hundred grams  parle G has 25 grams of sugar.  Good day biscuits have 22 grams of sugar. Britannia  nice time has 30 grams of sugar and Mari biscuit 7 of 21 grams of sugar.  Frankly the sugar content in them is not a major issue what concerns me more is that they too are made of refined flour.  Refined oils raising agents artificial flavors and emulsifiers so these biscuits are not a healthy choice. 

 Either category number 3 includes Britannia new clitoris biscuits Sunfeast farm light biscuits or biscuits whole wheat biscuits and other digestive cookies.  Their name suggests that they are very healthy.  But are they let's see first of all odd cookies is just a marketing gimmick.  Sunfeast Mari  light oats have only 1.5% oat flakes, Nutri choice or cookies have only 6% oats.  Similarly Whole Weat an  and mighty nyan biscuits also fall under the same umbrella.  Because they do have high percentage of refined laws 0% sugar is another marketing gimmick.  Such biscuits may not have added white sugar but are loaded with artificial sweeteners and might not expect the companies too are aware of the harmful effects of the artificial sweeteners.  That is why these biscuits come with a warning not recommended for children.  Isn't this shocking?  Would you believe that something like biscuit is not recommended for children.  Clearly it is better to eat sugar than these artificial sweeteners especially if you are serving your children although other digestive cookies are still better than most biscuits in the market as they have at least some amount of whole grains as a result these are comparatively high in fiber and protein. One chemicals you do to three biscuits on a daily basis without worrying about any kind of health problems.  But what if you want to enjoy this kids  to me what if you are a biscuit lower and does not want to compromise on your health. 

 Yes but in that is I have better options for you will fall in category number four cookies.  By greenies and early foods are made from 100% whole grains without any unhealthy ingredients or additives.  If you look at the ingredient list of Granniy's Amaranth and Almond, these they are made from almonds amaranth whole wheat flour.  Raw jaggery spices and cold-pressed coconut oil that's all. Grain is mindful cookies are another great option which comes in both sweet and salty versions.  In these they use jaggery and rock salt respectively much better than the other salty biscuits in the market which are loaded with sodium. Early foods is another great option. they use certified organic whole grains along with our butter and jaggery to make their puppies.

 I highly recommend their organic multigrain and dry food cookies made from all-natural ingredients.  They are healthy in true sense overall both these Indian brands on making cookies using 100% whole grains without using refined sugar baking soda raising agents artificial flavors emulsifiers etcetera.  Yes, they are on a pricier side but that is because they do not use any cheap ingredients also because they don't use any cheap ingredients. The Self life of their cookies is only one month.  You can buy them by seeing that front labels can be deceptive no matter which cookies you choose to buy always make it a point to go through the ingredients and the nutritional information. 

These factors are to be taken before you are proposing to buy a biscuit in the market.

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