Life in Israel village:


Life in Israel village:

 The life in the Israel Tributes is just like a paradise for children. All Cattle and sheep are live here.   All types of crops and necessary items are grown here. And these crops are export from here to other countries.  Every one here has a home and every one will have jobs according to their qualifications. We can see rich tributes here.  They  all are very kind enough to lead their life very simple and efficiently.

The great thing is all will have their meals at one place.  These people never iron their cloths.  All the people are given a job to do.  Schools, Hospitals and all other community halls are provided here. The rate of hospital usage is very less because people here will be very healthy both physically and mentally.This is a religious tributes.  No one will be permitted to enter into this tribute other than Jews.  That is a very beautiful and pleasant place and we can say heaven on earth.  You can find the people here without any prejudice and loving characters.

The principle living of the tributes is to live only for community and communal life.  This community is only for Jews.  If at all any new people want to join this community, it is decided by the all other people there. All working people are equal here whether doctor, engineer, or labor. The uniqueness here is we can see people of age more than 80 years live with happiness.  

The reason for their happy life is only because community life.  They born here, live here and also die here without any prejudices and selfishness.   Here every one is provided with a residential house and all the property belongs to community and not any individual.  They do not have any ancestral property.  Whatever they need will be provided by the Tributes. Whether they need computers or cars everything will be given by the tributes as the Israelis do not have any ancestral property.

But how the Tributes will get the money?  Because all the crops and products produced by these people will go to the tributes.  In turn tributes will pay the monthly salary for the working people and requisitions.  Children enjoy this place just like paradise on Earth.  You can find here everyone will be very happy and joyous.

People here will rear cattle, sheep and poultry and export chicken, mutton and beef to other places.  All these activities will be monitored by the Tribute and takes care everything is in order.  There are fish hatcheries also available and fish also exports from Israel to other places.  And all the money will go to the tribute in turn the tribute will spend the amount for the next generations.

There is also synagogue where people of Jews community will assemble and conduct prayers.  Admission into this synagogue is also only for Jews and none others will be permitted.  Even there is any birth of a child will be brought into this synagogue and prayers will be conducted.  Those who left this world physically will also bring for their last rites.

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