The 5 scariest secrets of the Bermuda 
Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle
also known as the devil's triangle is a 
notorious area that lies in the North
Atlantic Ocean between Florida Porto 
Rico and the island of Bermuda.   If you
draw a line connecting these three 
points you get a huge triangle in fact
it's estimated to be a whopping 500,000 
square miles in size.   There are few
people who haven't heard of this 
mysterious place and all the horrible
secrets hidden in its depths.  It both 
terrifies and simultaneously mesmerizes
people all over the world with its 
spooky statistics.   300 ships that
vanished without a trace, 
75 aircraft that simply vanished out of
thin air and over 1,000 victims who 
never made it home to their families.

With each passing year we see different 
theories attempting to explain the
phenomenon of the devil's triangle but 
we still don't know for sure what
exactly this place is.   Some say it's 
cursed, others say it's something
paranormal and there are those who 
believe it's got something to do with
aliens.   Whatever it is not even 
scientists fully understand the cause of
all the tragedies that unfold in the 
Bermuda Triangle.   Here are five of the
area's most mysterious disappearances. S
ome of them centuries old some eerily
recent watch and draw your own 
conclusions.  Mary Celeste believe it
or not the Bermuda Triangle already 
started gaining fame in the times of
Christopher Columbus during his voyage 
to the New World.   The Explorer noticed
pillars of fire falling from the sky 
and crashing into the ocean near this
arcane area.   At that time there wasn't 
any developed system of communication.   So
people didn't find out about the 
triangle until the 20th century.   But even
before that the mysterious place was 
claiming victims on a regular basis.   One
of the most well known disappearances 
was that of an American merchant ship
called the Mary Celeste.  The vehicle set 
sail on November 7th 1872 with the
ship's captain Benjamin Briggs along 
with his wife their two-year-old
daughter and a crew of seven onboard.  T
hey were heading from New York to Genoa
Italy with a precious cargo of 1700 
barrels of raw alcohol.  Less than a month
after their journey began and just days 
after the ship's last recorded entry of
November 25th a British vessel called 
the de Grazia happened to come upon the
Mary Celeste floating under a partial 
sail.  Everything looked normal and intact
except for one thing there wasn't a soul 
on board the ship and the lifeboat was
missing.   The only thing that seemed out 
of the ordinary was a single sword lying
on the deck before you put it down to a 
pirate attack.   You're about to find out
why it couldn't have been all of the 
crew's belongings a six-month supply of
food as well as the transported alcohol 
were untouched any other theories such
as an undersea earthquake a giant squid 
attack or a natural disaster can be
ruled out too since the vessel wasn't 
damaged whatsoever it was a clear day
the ship was in perfect working order so 
why would people leave it and never come

whatever the reason neither the crew nor 
the lifeboat was ever found
well this mystery doesn't have a direct  
proven connection to the Bermuda
Triangle.   Some researchers believe that 
these innocent lives
were claimed by the cursed place the
Ellen Austin is curious finding in 1881
The 210 foot long American schooner Ellen 
Austin was sailing from New York to
London when the crew spotted an 
unidentified ship drifting in the
Sargasso Sea which is on the northern 
edge of the Bermuda Triangle.   Something
seemed off about the ship as if there 
wasn't anyone on board.   So captain Baker
of the Ellen Austin decided to observe 
the derelict ship for a couple of days
to make sure that it wasn't a trap.   Once 
that time passed he ordered his crew to
board the abandon vessel they saw that 
everything was intact the shipment was
well packed but there was indeed nobody 
on board.   So captain Baker decided to put
his best men on the mysterious ship and 
tow it back to New York with him.   At
first the two ships sailed side-by-side 
on beautiful calm waters but when a
strong storm came out of nowhere two 
days later and separated them.   The Ellen
Austin lost track of the abandoned ship.  
Once the storm calmed down a bit after a
few days captain Baker found the 
derelict ship yet again drifting
aimlessly at sea.   Upon catching up to the 
vessel and checking it out the captain
was shocked by what he found the ship 
was in the same perfect condition as
before but without a single soul on 
board this part of the story has been
confirmed but there's more to it.  Some 
people believe that captain Baker made
one more attempt to bring the ship back 
to land but after tried number two ended in the
same exact way.   the Ellen Austin just 
left the seemingly cursed vessel alone.
According to another version the 
derelict ship was spotted once again but
this time with a crew different from the 
one left by captain Baker.
Nobody but the devil's triangle itself 
really knows the truth the USS Cyclops
in the entire history of theUS. Navy. 
There hasn't been a larger single
accident loss of life than the tragedy 
that happened to a huge fuel ship called
the USS Cyclops in March 1918 the ship 
was supposed to deliver ten thousand
eight hundred tons of manganese ore from 
Brazil to Baltimore which means it had
to go right through the heart of the 
Beast.   The ship set off on a nice day and
the only message ever received from the 
crew stated that they weren't having any
troubles whatsoever and then the ship 
with its three hundred nine people on
board simply vanished. 
The captain of the Cyclops never sent a
distress signal or anything like that 
just poof gone even after the area had
been thoroughly searched.   No traces of 
the vehicle were found the investigation
never did discover the cause of the 
disappearance the Grumman cougar jet one
of the more recent bermuda mysteries is 
the disappearance of a Grumman cougar
jet.   It was 1991 at around Halloween time 
piloted by John Verde and his copilot
Paul lucaris 
the jet was flying over the Gulf of Mexico heading for Tallahassee.   The
weather wasn't ideal a bit overcast with 
scattered storms.   So in order to get up
above the turbulent clouds Verde asked 
the flight center for permission to
increase the altitude.   It was granted so 
the pilot started to do just that as the
jet was ascending into some sunlight and 
out of the cloud cover.   iI vanished from
the radar the controllers couldn't 
believe their eyes in the spot where
they had just seen a plane literally 
moments ago there was now only an empty
space they tried to call the pilots but 
there was no answer and yet again there
were no distress signals or Maydays or 
anything before the disappearance.   The
plane wasn't falling into the ocean in 
fact it was quite the opposite.   It was
gaining altitude it seemed to just fade 
away as it was ascending to the
necessary height.   No trace of it has ever 
been found the mu2 b and now for the
most recent on May 15th 2017 a 
twin-engine plane took off to deliver
sky light Group founder and CEO Jennifer 
bloomin along with her two little sons
just three and four years old two. 
Titusville Florida piloted by Nathan
Ulrich the plane left huerto Rico at 
11:30 a.m. the weather was good.   The
flight was going smooth as butter and 
nothing could have predicted the tragedy.
But when the plane reached an altitude 
of 24,000 feet it just vanished from the
radar.   Miami traffic controllers also 
lost radio contact with the aircraft.   The
next day 15 miles to the east of E
leuthera island in the Bahamas the US
Coast Guard spotted some debris which 
they believed were the remains of the
missing plane.   However neither the 
passengers nor the pilot has ever been
There have been so many more 
disappearances over the years.  In 1941
the USS Proteus and USS Nereus went 
missing on the same route.   Their sister
ship the USS Cyclops had taken several 
decades before in 1945 flight 19
disappeared over the area of the Bermuda 
Triangle and one of the rescue aircrafts
sent to search for that missing plane 
also never came back.
There are countless more stories like 
these none of which have a concrete
explanation what we've covered today are 
just some examples of all the souls
taken by The Devil's Triangle. 



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