One of the least explored places in the world is that of the dense vegetation of

the Amazon rainforest and the overgrown  jungle there swallowed ancient relics

uncontacted tribes and a number of strange artifacts.  T his only helps to

spread mystery and wonder as researchers venturing out into the greenery have

made some incredible discoveries and some have become impossible for

conventional means to explain.   so today we'll be taking a look of five Amazon

jungle discoveries that cannot be explained encounters with the mapinguari. 

One of the most interesting accounts of a strange discovery made within the

dense Amazonian jungle is that of modern-day accounts of encountering a

large ground sloth though many locals.

Refer to the creature as the mapinguari an ancient Brazilian monster of native

folklore and legends described as having the skin of a reptile one large eye a

second mouth on its stomach large claws and back was feeds many modern-day

sightings,   Instead described the creature as being that of a massive sloth like

creature the MU slowly has long arms capable of tearing apart trees as sloped

back and can stand up to 7 feet all while being covered from head to toe in

thick matted  fur interestingly enough what many people are not aware of is the

fact that when Charles Darwin first visited the area or throat South America

he came across the bones of an now extinct megafauna known as the giant.

Ground sloth a large cousin of the modern-day sloth throughout South

America.  But estimated to have stood at the size of a bear

when he first discovered the bones Darwin remarked to how young they

learned believing the boast have been freshly made by an animal that just

recently passed away.   He further studies would confirm that the giant ground

sloth would be around as recent as ten thousand years ago before the great ice

age had formed and could have survived for a short period.  After this is left

many believing the perhaps the modern-day accounts of the mapinguari a

million counters with the surviving members of the giant ground sloths.

Several uncontacted charms given the nature of the incredibly dense and

impossible jungles of the Amazon it's believed by a number of researchers that

there may be a total of several dozen indigenous populations that have yet to

make any form of outside contact.   This does appear to be a recurring theme of

small tribes however as many modern-day efforts to preserve a native population

are taken to prevent the spread of illnesses of any kind between ourselves

and isolated peoples or making any former contacts that could lead to a

dangerous and escalated response.  

Researchers believe there may be more than 100 uncontacted tribes of in Peru

in the Amazonian jungle.  Evidence of these tribes had been gathered via

the use of arrow footage in claims of reported encounters with native tribes

or thought the region over the years. Many expeditions have discovered

mysterious rhymes given the fact that these tribes tend to reside in the most

remote and densest parts of the jungles coupled with modern-day efforts to

prevent further deforestation and exploration is a different part of the

jungle. Contact with these tribes are not expected to occur any time soon the

origins of many of these tribes have been shrouded in mystery with a number

of strange recorded behaviors that leave many wondering the mental stays to their

villages and the hidden cultures.  Some have been reported as being very

artistic while others have been seen engaging in strange behaviors some

explorers of even reported seeing Bigfoot like creatures in the Amazon for

decades many people from around the world have been fascinated by the

sightings of a large ape-like creature known as Bigfoot.

These creatures are known for their large stature and can be from 8 to 15

feet tall though many might not believe this creature of Zaius some say there is

overwhelming evidence of its presence all around the round.

With the Amazon region being so dense some people say you'd never find a

Bigfoot and they say this small clan of Bigfoots could exist in this region the

discovery of a humpback whale.  Though the jungles of the Amazon rainforest are

known for hosting a wide number of unexpected and undiscovered species or

throughout his dense vegetation once such discovered species has left many

researchers puzzled as to the strange behavior exhibited both species found on

the shores of the jungle this species is that of a large humpback whale back in

February of 2019 a number of Amazonian conservation researchers found the body

of a young humpback whale and they said washed ashore on one of the many small

forested Islands.   Within the Amazonian River this became a surprise as this

species has never been seen this far to the jungle nor does it make sense that

the whale could be anywhere near the region given the fact the Amazon River

is not a natural habitat for this creature and humpback whales should be

in the middle of their migration to Antarctica during this time the body of

the humpback whale was discovered when the researchers traveling through the

area noticed a large number of vultures flying overhead this has led many to

theorize that perhaps is a far more common place for the humpback whale to

travel down the Amazon River as any remains of such an encounter would be

pit drive within numerous species or throughout the jungle. This theory is

also supported by the fact that many researchers have noticed a growing

population of the humpback whales of the coast of Brazil believing that perhaps

younger males of the species are using the river to cut across South America

for their journey.

The Amazon rings,  one of the most peculiar findings reported in the Amazon jungles is that

of was often been described as the Amazon rings though they're called rings

the majority of the discovered markings are more often similar to a variety of

line shapes that have been dug into the ground and that's eventually looping on

themselves such as squares oval straight twisting lines and circles, interestingly

enough when researchers first discovered these earthen rings they quickly

accepted the trenches were man-made in completely artificial in nature this

then led to a series of strange revelations as the dating of the Rings

led researchers to believe the rings had been formed long before the Amazon

rainforest began.  To form this has led to the complete reformation of the original

beliefs held surrounding the pre-columbian people originally it was

believed that the natives throughout the region were very gentle in their

surrounding lands games and held little developments with the discovery of the

Rings.   However the realization that there had been massive slash-and-burn

techniques and major construction developments or throughout the region

became apparent though the rings have been dated as being somewhere around

6000 years old.   This is a significant change as the Amazons were more

reminiscent of the savannahs of Africa during the time this discovery has led

to many more questions being solved in the modern day such as how so many

tribes can be found isolated deep of inner jungles believing they had formed

long before the jungles had overgrown. Thought the area and became trapped of

in their respective territories the discovery and research of these rooms

are still going on but point many researchers in the direction that large

ancient cities could have been housed tour throughout the regions of the

Amazons with many rings being found from Brazil to Bolivia.

The eternal boring River the oldest myths among the locals that the Amazon

jungle is that of the existence of the eternal boiling River the river was

believed to be inhabited by the serpent spirits known as the yucca mala a name

of which roughly translates to the mother of the waters according to the

legend the serpent spirit had the ability to breathe out a tremendous

amount of heat of which could change the waters throughout the area into a

boiling River that had the ability to heal those of whom stood in his vapors.

Interestingly enough in the modern day researchers have discovered an area

within the Amazon that has a river of boiling water flowing throughout the

area when the researchers were taken to the area with the help of the shaman of

whom worked to protect the secrecy and safety of the boiling River as they

believed it to be a sacred Island.  They discovered that the waters in the area

stayed roughly between the temperatures of 120 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally the mud all along the river was known to be so hard to touch they

could cause third-degree burns though many researchers thought that

underground magma chambers were warming. 

The river this theory would eventually be discarded as the closest form of

volcanic activity would not be around for at least 400 miles in any direction

other explanations have been performed. However the Shaymin has proven to be in

obstacle when trying to understand the river as they grow distrusting of more

more developments in the region today no official explanation for the boiling

rivers is.

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