SAMSUNG GALAXY M51: The Smart Phone



when I first heard about galaxy M51 without looking

at specs or anything I was just like you all and thought of this as another SAMSUNG mid ranger

with an average processor and okayish in everything else but after trying this devices as my daily

driver my thoughts have changed quite a but for this device so let’s checkout if SAMSUNG

M51 is worth considering at this price or not.

And not to mention this is a retail unit purchased by myself for this review in case some people

were wondering.

So I will be dividing this review into various sections and let’s get to the first one

design and build quality- Well on the front we have a 6.7 inch full HD+ Amoled display

which to be honest looks great because you know SAMSUNG makes the best Amoled panels

and that can be felt on this device as well the single punch hole camera gets out of the

way quite easily and the display might not be the brightest you get but is easily visible

outdoors and you wont have any issues as such the colors are sharp and the calibration is

done perfectly.The device is not accessible easily with one hand but for that you get

this nifty one handed mode and that solves that problem as well.

The weight balance is done really perfectly and the device even weighing 214gms does not

feel that heavy and it is something you experience after holding it in hand and not from the

specs mentioned on paper.

On the back you get this plastic sort of material which is a fingerprint magnet and

feels less premium as compared to other glass backed devices but that extra weight gain

contributes to a biggest battery in a mid ranger which well get to that in a second.

The button placement is right and the fingerprint scanner too is quite fast and accurate so

no issues there though i feel the button quality could have been better.

Rest the design of any device is something subjective and i have no issues with it as

such because of its more practical approach towards things and you don't get a camera bump

too like every other device, so everything is fine in this department.

One tiny complaint i have is with USB cable which is a bit short in length and not of

that great quality so they should have bundled a better one.

Now coming to the software part so this SAMSUNG M51 runs on oneUI2.1 based on android 10 which

is nowhere close to stock yes but it is one of the last few cleanest iterations of android

that feels really polished to the core, there are some apps that come pre installed.  Yes

but you can easily uninstall most of them and like other brands these days please don't

expect all features from top of the line series but i really like that we have an always on

display that is very customisable and handy so I kept it to always on all .the Time without

worrying about the battery life at all as it is really handy.

Rest you get features like Dolby atmos support, that nifty one handed mode and a lot more

stuff which I'll cover in a separate video.

So overall i find no issues with this one as i have been a stock android user since

quite sometime now.

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videos like this one.

Next aspect would be the overall performance and here i would say that the device did ran

everything just fine in this whole time oneui has been optimised very well on this device

and there were no issues so far i did see some adjustment issues with ambient brightness

sometimes but nothing major as such the apps like netflix run on full screen without any

black bars and all the games too ran just fine,

I did play call of duty, asphalt 9 pes and some other games too and overall the experience

was just great plus due to a bigger screen the media consumption and gaming was a great

experience on this device so thumbs up to that.

So if you want an in depth gaming review do let me know in the comment section down below

so in short you will not have any problems as such as the snapdragon 730g is also a fairly

capable processor of course not a gaming oriented one but it can easily run everything just

fine for a mid ranger.

Coming to the battery life and here i would say those little cons pay off quite heavily

because this device is like charge one use forever because of its 7000 mah capacity it

easily lasted 2 days for me on a single charge even with always on display set to always

on there was no huge standby drain as such and the device was always connected wifi.

You can watch movies and play games for hours on a stretch and still you will end up your

day with some juice left which is a commendable thing.

Plus with its reverse wire charging feature you can put it to use in some emergency scenarios

too and act like a powerbank and for that you don't need a separate cable even.

You can charge your earphones and other low power accessories too with this one and you

will appreciate this feature of galaxy m51.

Speaking about that you don't get any crazy fast charger with this one so only a 25watt

one but this is quite consistent and charges this device in less than 2hrs which might

seem like a bit long but you don't really need to charge this device to a 100% to use

it for a day like 60-70% is enough to last for a day in case you are in a hurry.

So i am really positive about the battery backup this device has.

Coming to the camera’s so on the front we have a 32mp punch hole selfie camera and on

the back we get a quad camera setup that includes a 64mp primary sensor, a 13mp a 5mp macro

camera and a 5mp depth sensor and to be honest this camera setup is better than most of those

2mp one’s that we have with other midrangers, the images from the primary camera turn out

to be really sharp in daylight and and here are some samples

The images it captures have really fine detail and colors too, they look sharp overall and

even in low light this camera performs really good because of this sony sensor and with

the supplied night mode so the primary camera is really good on this device and produces

some good portrait mode shots too that can be adjusted even after taking the images because

of the amount of data it captures.

Plus this single take features makes it really handy to capture different types of image.

And here are some samples from other 2 camera’s of this device so i think they look good for

a midrange device and are definitely usable as compared to the other devices we see in

this price segment.

Though that macro camera is still okayish but occasionally you will get some usable

images with that as well so its good to have the option.

Also here is a video sample and this device also has super steady mode that works really

well and makes the overall video output quite stable though there is no ois plus there is

no v3 60fps option as of now but you can manage that with a gcam mod as i tested it and it

worked just fine.

The front facing camera of this device is also good and produced some fine results that

are well detailed and even with the portrait mode shots too it does a pretty good job.

In the front facing camera too for videos you don't get 60fps option but there is 4k

30fps support as of now.

You also get night mode for the front facing camera and it is really helpful in taking

low light selfies One tiny thing i observed is this ring notification which has been put

to really good use while using the front facing camera or using face unlock and it is really

helpful plus it looks cool.

Coming to other things about galaxy m51 so the speakers on this device in particular

are not that loud they are enough for calls and stuff but don't expect them to be the

loudest in this price The call quality was great on this device

too and i made a lot of calls on it be it zoom or normal calls and they were clear without

any distortions plus there is voice over wifi support too which works fine as well.

You also get a 3.5mm jack which i really miss even now because bluetooth earphones can offer

a limited amount of backup per charge and i love that we have an option on this device

and the sound quality was good too plus dolby atmos support makes it a bit customisable


Rest you get 2 mics as usual and a dedicated sd card slot as well though i think the quality

of sim tray should have been better as this one feels a little flimsy.

To sum it all up well this galaxy M51 is really a good device from SAMSUNG in budget price

after years and that’s why even I had to try this to see where we are with this device

and honestly it did not fail to impress me so far yes it has its own cons like somewhat

less premium build and some extra bulk but all that contributes in one way or the another

to make it what it is and I think it is a good non chinese smartphone you can consider

as of now.

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