NEVER GIVE UP- A Positive approach



Remember the time when you wanted more remember the time when there were people

in your life that did not believe in you.  Remember the time when you honestly gave up on the possibilities of the

uniqueness that you had inside. Remember that was a time that you complain so much but yet did so little that comes to

a point in your life that you must recognize that there is a little bit more that has to be done than just

complaining about it.   You have to realize that you don't have any other opportunities waiting for you if you're

not willing to work for the first opportunity that's been given to you.   You don't have a lot of time left so there's

no reason to complain you're not even in the position of complain.  You have to figure out that

there has to be another idea about you and you have to understand that there has to be something even greater and

more challenging waiting for you and if you're not willing to step outside of your comfort zone,

if you're not willing to understand the principles and the possibilities that you have within yourself then everything

that you are thriving for everything that you are hungry for will soon come to an end.  

 Now I'm not here to preach to you about this I'm here to let you know that there are things that are going on around you right now.

There are far greater than you're complaining you complaining about so much but yet you show no action if you could trade

places with someone right now and the person that you're trading places with may have a just a little bit tougher

than you have it going on in your life right now.   So many people are suffering from so many things in this world at this moment.

 But yet you're complaining so many people in this world right now wish they could trade places with you

but yet you're still complaining you don't have that right to just give up you don't have that right to just throw

in the towel and say that it's over for you.  ladies and gentlemen you got to understand that the reason that you are

existent in this world right now is because you have things that must be done and only certain people are

qualified to take it to the level that it needs to be taken to for there should never be a limitation

to wherever it is that you are seeking and how far you are willing to travel and how far you are willing to go

sometimes people tend to get a little lazy.  Sometimes people like to put themselves in this little bitty box and

just say that they are okay with where they are there can never just be an okay to anything when it comes to that life.

There should never just be a complacent mindset how do we evolve how do you evolve how do you grow one thing about

success there are going to be many struggles there gonna be many challenges and there gonna be a lot of things that

you may not even understand but you got to go back to where it started.  Remember when you want it more

because she cannot satisfy your hunger.   With negative energy doesn't help you to grow Randolph boy

power that you need you have to come to a point in your life too much realize that there are things that are.

You feel that you are broken or you feel it that you're gonna be broken I'm here to let you know ladies

that you are built to.  

Right I'm here to let you know that you got to keep on living in and I was strong

I dare you to take a trip to your local hospital and if you have an opportunity to walk down those corridors and witness

so many different people different age groups different problems and each one of these individuals are fighting

something they're dealing with some type of sickness. And some of these sicknesses

they may not be able to recover from I dare you to walk down a neighborhood where there are many people that are

homeless and have no place to go no food to eat barely even have clothes on their backs I dare you to realize that maybe.

you just don't have it so bad after all maybe it's time for you to realize and recognize that your troubles are not

that bad maybe it's time that you realize that you need to get away from the drama that's in your life.  May be it's

time for you to stop chasing misery and start chasing your dreams reconnect with yourself.

Because this is not the time for you to be wasted putting yourself back instead of pushing yourself forward

ladies and gentlemen you have so much  to offer so much to give so much to do.  But doing it

and sitting around waiting for it to happen it's just gonna stay in neutral.   You have to electrify the desire that

you have that you once had so the next time you feel like complaining.  You feel like worrying and you're so concerned

about other things that doesn't necessarily concern you ask yourself is it making you better

is it taking you higher are you going further or you just be in complacent to place it and complaining and worry

that are not better for you or you gonna realize that maybe just going up and melted does take a little bit more

just having something handed to you or  you gonna be that person ever when you get to the top of the mountain.

Don't just stop there you got to figure out another way you had they're electrified get

that you need to do so when the time comes you can check down there towards the possible

being the best of who you really are don't lose yourself and the things that's not going to give you the

strength and the capacity of understanding that you matter for something.  Don't lose yourself and fear

don't lose yourself in doubt dare yourself to be better dare yourself to be unique dare yourself to be the best

possibility that the world has yet to see.

Best of Luck

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