AMAZON Incredible 20 Facts


AMAZON THE Incredible 20 FACTS

1. Beginning in 1995 as an easy online bookseller, Amazon has rapidly grown to become the alpha dog of online retail.  While few firms are as large or as pervasive in our everyday lives as Amazon, astonishingly few of us know about it.  

2. Within this list we rely down 43 absolutely amazing details about this profitable online behemoth. 

3.  Bezos was a precocious student as a young guy.   After high school, Bezos went on to study at Princeton, graduating in 1986 with Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and electrical engineering.

4.   Amazon was set as a simple online book retailer out of Bezos' garage in Bellevue, Washington.  To deal with all the email the fledgling firm received, Bezos installed an oversized mailbox.  The oversized mailbox Bezos set in may nevertheless be seen outside that house now.

5.  The first book Amazon ever sold was called Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies from Doug Hofstadte.  This Intricate science publication, which explores the mechanics of intellect through computer modelling, was offered on April 3, 1995 

 6.  In Amazon's early days, a literal bell was rung each and every time a new purchase was made through the website.  Since the business rapidly grew and fresh sales spiked, though, management had to discontinue this ritual as the bell was being rung so often.

7. One of Amazon's oldest investors were Bezos' very own parents.  Bezos' folks took out $300,000 in their retirement savings to spend in their ambitious son's shiny new online startup.  Today the retail giant has revenues exceeding $177 billion bucks.  His parents' investment likely didn't turn out too bad!

8.  Amazon's early growth as an internet book retailer was phenomenal.  Within the organization's first month, they'd sold a book to people in all 50 US states and in 45 distinct nations.

9.   Amazon's Kindle, the company's e-reader that allows users to read books, newspapers, and other digital media, was going to be called"Fiona."   This personality has a machine, much like the Kindle, that contains electronic version of libraries and TV shows, etc 

10.   In 2012, Amazon purchased Kiva Systems, a business that has developed robotics technology that enabled smart machines to retrieve items in warehouses and attract them to workers.  It's noted that 45,000 autonomous robots now roam Amazon warehouses in search of their next bundle. 

 11.   Apple, that also offers"Click" buys to its customers, is doing so through a licensing agreement with Amazon.  This means that even while clients are using Apple products, Amazon is getting compensated.  

  12.  N 2017, Amazon announced that it intended to invest $5 billion dollars on building another headquarters for as many as 50,000 employees in a town in North America.  Rather than going to a town themselves, Amazon rather had towns clamoring to advertise themselves to the technology behemoth.   

  13.   Amazon headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington.  It's reported that from 300,000 Amazon employees globally, as many as 40,000 reside in Seattle.  This means that an incredible 7.5% of the working age population of Seattle is an Amazon worker! 

 14.    Though it seems like Amazon has ever dominated net retail sales, actually its control over online retail is only on the upswing.  One analysis said in 2016, Amazon accounted for a whopping 43% of all online sales on the whole internet.  To put this in perspective, Amazon accounted for 33% of all online sales in 2015 and just 25% in 2012.  

 15.   In June of 2017, Amazon announced it would be moving to the supermarket business by purchasing Whole Foods, the supermarket chain that specializes in offering organic foods along with other all-natural products.    

16 Even though he's now the wealthiest man in the world, that doesn't mean that Bezos has abandoned the thrifty principles which helped sustain Amazon in its first decades.  For example, Amazon originally assembled worker desks out of inexpensive doors as a cost savings measure.  Appropriately, Amazon now hands out"Door Desk Awards" for workers who have come up with a"well built idea" that saves the business money or helps customers.

 17.  Despite being based in 1995, Amazon did not report any wholly legitimate gains until the fourth quarter of 2001.  It took until 2004 for Amazon to record an yearly net gain for the very first time.   

18.Amazon's logo is a yellow arrow that resembles a smile underneath the Amazon lettering.  Originally, the smile design was meant to convey that,"we're pleased to provide anything, anywhere," but an Amazon press release enlarged the meaning by emphasizing that the start of the smile/arrow began at the"A" and finished on the"Z"of"Amazon," suggesting that Amazon had everything to satisfy its customers' requirements from A-Z.  

19.   At the very early days of Amazon, the website contained a significant programming error which permitted crafty users to deceive the site into crediting money onto their credit cards.  All you had to do was order a negative amount of novels, and the worth of these books would be automatically credited on a user's credit card.  Once this bug was discovered, it was immediately shut down by the company.

  20.   In August 2013, the Amazon website went down for 40 minutes.  Even though this might seem to be a small blip in time, it ended up costing Amazon an estimated $4.8 million--or $120, 000 per minute.  That ain't chump change!   

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