Potti Sriramul - The Immortal (Amarajeevi)

Sri Potti Sriramulu

For the achievement of Separate Andhra Sri Potti Sriramulu sacrificed his life for the formation of linguistic provinces. He was a great man who worked for the whole life for the ideals of truth, nonviolence and Harijan ism taught by Mahatma Gandhi.

Life History

Potti Sriramulu was born on March 16, 1901 to Guruvayya and Mahalakshmima in the 165th house Georgetown, Annapillai Street, in Madras . Their ancestors are from Padamati Palem village of Nellore Dist. Sriramulu's education was in Madras till twenty years. He later studied sanitary engineering in Bombay. Later he joined the "Great Indian Peninsular Railway" and worked there for nearly four years. His salary was Rs 250 per month.

In 1928, their child died. His wife died a few days later. Sriramulu, 25, resigned from the job after he was disillusioned with the pleasures of life. He distributed his property to his mother and brother siblings and joined Gandhiji's Ashram as a follower for about two decades. He participated in the freedom movement.


Role in the Freedom Movement

Potti Sriramulu participated in the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and was jailed. Then again in 1941-42 he was jailed three times for his participation in satyagrahas and quit India movements. The Committee for History of Andhra Movement, published in 1985, was written about the relationship between Potti Sriramulu and Mahatma Gandhi. - "Sriramulu's service in The Sabarmati Ashram is historic. Sriramulu is the form of love, humility, service and selflessness. His guru is the guru of the world, the love of truth and ahimsa.

On October 19, 1952,  started a hunger strike at the house of Bulusu Sambamurthy Madras for the achievement of a separate Andhra state as the capital of Madras. The fast, which began in a very simple way, gradually created a wave of disturbance. The Andhra Congress Committee did not support the fast. People have been on strikes and demonstrations in support of Sriramulu. The Government did not make a clear statement towards the formation of the State.

 Finally, on december 15, 1952, potti Sriramulu, died in his mission and became a martyr. Angry people committed violent acts. In madras, people praised his sacrifice with slogans in his funeral. In the subsequent developments, there were concerns and violence from Madras to Visakhapatnam. People were killed in police firing. Finally, on December 19, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced the formation of a separate state. Rajagopalachari, the emperor, said that if Andhra state was formed, Andhras could not have capital in madras for a single day. Ambedkar suggested that Warangal, which was ruled by the Kakatiyas, would be the capital. Rajahmundry is also good. The Congress did not agree because Vijayawada was a bronze fortress of communists. Nellore and Chittoor leaders asked us to give up the facility near Madras. We do not believe the coastal people, the capital should be in Rayalaseema, otherwise the state of Andhra Pradesh is not the same.

On October 1, 1953, Andhra Pradesh was established as the capital of Kurnool. Telugu areas like Bellary, Barampuram, Hospet, Thiruvallur were also formed and Andhra state was formed.



Despite the deterioration of health, the courage of Sriramulu was increasing. He repeatedly told  that his health was not bad. By November 27, Sriramulu was a little bit at home and spoke to the need. Then his health gradually deteriorated. In the newspapers, he was concerned about his health. Doctors also came and performed blood tests. He always had saliva in his mouth if he was asleep. Often vomiting. Hiccups and sneezing came. He was already tired... And vomiting and sneezing was more difficult. By December 5, hiccups and sneezing began to be cold.  Everyone in the camp was nerved. Before sitting on the hunger strike, he announced that he would take lemon juice and a little honey in water three times a day. Now they also vomit. Sometimes it was bloody. Sriramulu is completely unable to get up and speak. December is a cold month. So, he was shivering and he wore a shirt , who never wore a shirt . He was very weak and the doctors told him to give glucose. Sriramulu, who was already in a position to speak, suggested waving his hand for  intensification of the movement; The government is not responding; He spoke to Bulusu Sambamurthy and Narasimha one day as he was weak day by day. Gradually the body was weakened and fainted, wanted to continue the fast. He said that no one should be forced to feed food through injection when unconscious. He had already opposed the rioting in the state.

Last Day

December 15 Self-consecration Day!! He was not conscious since morning. His eyes were opened. The lids were dropped. There is no power to shake hands. 54 pounds (24.5 kg) weight was reduced. The nerve movement and breathing pattern swung. Urine was frozen for 16 hours. The word of mouth was difficult. Occasionally they went unconscious. The visitors were stopped. The evening natural ists vegiraju krishnamaraju and his wife were not able to talk to... They welcomed him with a smile. Since then, the body has gradually cooled down. At 11.23 pm, Potti Sriramulu sacrificed himself for Andhra Pradesh.

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