Benefits of cracking CLAT exam, understand these six things

CLAT ie Common Law Admission Test is the most important of all the examinations conducted in India. This test is the most demanding test out of the entrance exam after 12th. There are many students who are not able to do CLAT Exam 2020 easily but you need not worry. You can easily crack the clat by taking the best coaching on
CLAT Examination

Currently more than 55,000 students from all over the country take this exam every year. The CLAT exam is conducted to select students for 22 National Law Universities in India. CLAT exam is conducted every year for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
These are the benefits of cracking the CLAT - The Common Law Admission Test 
  1. Admission in NLSIU - The biggest advantage of cracking clat is the opportunity to get admission in NLSIU. One of the biggest advantages of studying at NLSIU is that you become famous as a brand. Apart from this, it gives you the opportunity to study in an environment where you are aware of the current affairs and developments around you which is necessary for a lawyer. 
  2. At NLSIU you are prepared as a lawyer to prepare you for all the processes that you do as a lawyer in future through moot court, debate, competition. You are also given practical information with Theory.
  3. After passing the job-clat test in a law firm, you have several job options. There are a large number of law firms in our country that recruit students on campus after cracking the CLAT exam and earning a law degree. There are some law firms in the country which are very reputed and give good salary to freshers like AZB & Partners, Khaitan & Company, Luthra & Luthra etc.  
  4. Individually litigating and practicing law - litigation like an independent lawyer is a popular career option for a candidate who cracks the CLAT exam. With this, you can easily present all the cases on behalf of your clients in all kinds of courts and tribunals. There is unlimited scope or opportunity for students to pursue a career in law by passing a clat as one needs a qualified lawyer to fight every type of case. After taking the CLAT exam and degree, you can enroll in Bar Council to practice law and get a license to practice in your state in the Bar Council of India examination.
  5. PSU / Banking and Corporate Sector - After passing the CLAT exam and getting a law degree, you can get a lot of opportunities in banking and PSU sector. You can get a salary ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 in the beginning. As a private tutor or open your own private coaching institute. You can also get an opportunity to work in the Law Department of Indian Corporate. You can get good salary and positions while working in Law Department under Ministry of Finance and Government of India.
  6. Teaching / Lectureship - In the last few years, the demand for people working in the field of law in India has increased. Due to this, clat and law aspirants are in great demand in the market. The demand for teachers and professors teaching the subject of law is increasing rapidly. You can become a teacher or lecturer by cracking clats and getting a degree of law. Teaching / lecturership involves working only for certain hours and you get very good salary.
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