Notification NO:23421 - MSTBE Tender notice Second version

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Tender notice T&C

 (1)    Priced tender form should be invariably returned duly filled in and signed with  seal               along with the quotation. Tenderers should submit tenders in two envelopes as                     mentioned in “Important Instructions and Conditions.”

(2)    Earnest Money as mentioned in tender form in the form of Demand Draft of Nationalized / Schedule Bank should accompany with the tender. Cheques will not be accepted. 

(3)    The tenderer to whom supply order is issued have to pay security deposit @ 10 percent of A/T value in the form of Bank guarantee within one week from the date of receipt of A/T. The Bank Guarantee should be valid for Three years from the last date of delivery. 

(4)    This tender is subjected to the Important Instructions and Conditions mentioned in the tender form. 

(5)    If the tenderers fails to pay E.M.D. in the form of DD /PO their tenders will be treated as invalid and will not be considered at all.

   Packing should be standard type consisting of water proof/cover acceptable to Railway Authority and Insurance Company and Maharashtra State Board of Technical

(7)    The tenderer will have to supply the stores exactly as per tender enquiry specification and will be responsible to replace the defective supply at his risk and cost. 

(8)    The tenderer should undertake to extend the validity of the Bank Guarantee, if offered as security deposit in case the supply of stores is delayed beyond the validity period of Bank Guarantee. 

(9)    Payment Condition : 90% payment within 3 weeks from the date of receipt of  items                           in good condition and satisfactory installation of  equipment's and balance 10% after 15                          days from the date  of receipt of 10% bank guaranty for  one  years

(10)    The tenderers should confirm whether all the operation processes/treatment is carried out in their own unit and also furnish complete list of machine and equipment installed in the factory.

(11)    Conditional offers received other than the specified conditions mentioned in the tender enquiry are liable for rejection.

(12)    The tenderer should quote only one rate against the tender enquiry. The tenderer should give detailed reasons for quoting more than one rate, if it is found to quote more than one rate necessary. 
(13)    The tenderers should quote all inclusive (basic rates, State and Central levies, Packing/Freight charges, Transport charges, packing and forwarding charges  etc.) F.O.R. Destination rates except Octroi.

(14)    The tenderers should invariably quote their valid Sales Tax Registration Number and date. 

(15)    The tenderers should invariably furnish a copy of valid Income Tax Clearance
Certificate along with the tender. 

(16)    The tenderer should attach a copy of the power of attorney  in respect of the persons who attends the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education  for Prebid Conference, tender opening,  further follow up work and also who is authorised to sign tenders, agreement and other relevant documents. 

(17)    The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education reserves the right to distribute the orders at acceptable rates amongst two or more tenderers.

(18)    The tenderer should invariably quote a list of documents enclosed with the tender and the list should be duly signed by the authorised person.

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