MSTBE Circular: SECOND PHASE of Curriculum Revision for Yearly Pattern to Semester Pattern

In  ref.  with  the  above  meeting  held  at  RBTE  Pune,  the    plan  of  second  phase  of  curriculum  revision  and  conversion  of  yearly  pattern  scheme  to  semester  pattern  scheme  for    some  of  the  AICTE  approved  diploma  and    diversified  short  term  diploma  courses  is  undertaken.  The  core    committee  meeting  of      M.S.B.T.E  officials  from  CDC  department  is  held    at  MSBTE  MUMBAI  and  Prof.  Mahashabde and Prof. Khare were present for the meeting. 

MSBTE Official
As decided earlier this curriculum revision project is being executed in RBTE Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur  region  and  is  being  operated  in  two  phases.  The  first  phase  of  work  is  already  been  started  in  all  the  above  three  regions  as  scheduled  and  planned.  It  is  also  informed  you  that  the  second  phase  of  this  project    is    again      being  operated  in  Mumbai,  Pune  and  Nagpur  region  and  Prof.  Mahashabde    &  Prof.  Khare  are  going  to  coordinate  the  complete  project  as  Chief  coordinators  The    Curriculum  Revision project schedule of  first phase and second phase is   prepared and  enclosed in annexure I & II.

The  Controlling  RBTE    have  to  Co-Ordinate  the    task  of  Curriculum  revision/  conversion  project  and  arrange  the  meetings  of  faculties/field  experts  at  your  office  in  consultation  with  Prof.  Mahashabde    &  Prof.  Khare.  It  is  also  advised  that  the  faculties  form  the  concerned  institutes  as  well  as  experts  practicing  in  the  field  may  please  be  involved  in  this  curriculum–revision  process.  In  this  regard,  M.S.B.T.E   will   arrange   one/two   days   orientation      workshops   on   Curriculum   revision/conversion philosophy & education technology  at each  RBTE  for  the subject experts,

The  Schedule  of  meetings  and  curriculum  revision  workshops    for  the  above    task  is  to  be    prepared  at  your  end    after  discussing  with  Chief  coordinators      and  communicated  to  this  office,  so  that the  necessary  arrangements  and  follow  up  action  can  be  taken  by  the  project  coordinator  of  M.S.B.T.E.  office. This work should be done and completed on priority.

The  budget  provision  for  both  the  phases  of  work  is  being  finalized  at  MSBTE  Mumbai  and will be  allocated  to  respective  RBTE’s.  The  complete  plan  of  budget  allocation    for  RBTE’s  and  Project  institutes   will be informed soon.           For Secretary            M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai

Enclo. –
1) Annexure I &II for Schedule of 1st phase & 2nd phase of curriculum revision project. 
2) Terms of reference for RBTE’s & Project institutes
3) List of Controlling RBTE’s/Project institutes of second phase of work. 
4) Region-wise List of  AICTE approved diploma and  diversified diploma courses under revision.


  1. •Meeting of Principals of project institute 18th Dec. and AcademicCoordinators of variousinstitutes running these courses:
  2. •Identification of Coordinators and 26th Dec.Subject Experts By Controlling RBTEs for the respective courses
  3. •Planning and issue of orders for 20th Jan. training for Curriculum Development by Controlling RBTEs in consultation with Chief Project Coordinators
  4. •Training of Coordinators and Subject 22nd Jan. ToExperts by Chief Project Coordinators20th Feb. 2007
  5. .Formation of Courses Committee by 10th March Respective RBTE’s (Prior To)
  6. •Development of Course Structure 10th March by project institutes.
  7. .Arranging Meetings (by RBTE’s)10th Mar To for finalisation of course structure25th Mar
  8. •Approval of Course Structure30th March by Courses Committees of MSBTE
  9. •Subject detailing of identified courses 30th April by respective project institutes to be completed
  10. .Finalisation of course structure by 30th May ToCourse committee Meeting20th May
  11. •Submission to MSBTE for Approval 20th May
  12. •Final submission of curriculum after 20th June making changes suggested by courses committees



  1. •The Controlling RBTE have to Co-Ordinate the task of Curriculum revision/ conversion project.
  2. •Appoint the RBTE official as Regional Coordinator for overall coordination of both the phase of curriculum revision project.
  3. •Finalize the project institutes and names of institutional course coordinator for every course allotted to your RBTE, latest by 05th Jan .•Arrange the meetings of faculties/field experts concerning with respective courses.
  4. •Prepare the list of Coordinators and subject experts in categories of Regular faculty, Contract faculty, Visiting faculty, Field experts etc.
  5. •Fix up training schedule for regular faculties in consultation with chief project coordinators, “CPC” (Dr. R.S. Mahashabde and Prof S.D. Khare) •Prepare the schedule for conducting workshops for formulating the course structure in consultation with CPC for orientation of contract/visiting faculties involved in curriculum revision/development work.-Workshops to be completed latest by 20th Feb 2007.
  6. •Prepare a schedule of content detailing for various courses in consultation with CPC.
  7. •After validation by course committee prepare the final copy of revised curriculum respective course.
  8. •Submit the final copy of each curriculum document duly signed by Principal of project institute and course coordinator along with the list of course committee members.
  9. •Arranging Meetings (by RBTE’s) for course structure finalisation10th Mar To 25thMar 2007

Terms of References For Project Institute Principal:

  1. •Will Co-ordinate the activities of curriculum development in the identified course and subjects.
  2. •Will help in identifying core group members and subject experts•Will release the identified teachers from his institute, to attend training sessions
  3. •Will provide support staff and required equipment etc. to the subject Group Exports
  4. •Will provide space for meeting and working of subject groups

Terms of References for Institute Coordinator:

  1. •To help Principal in identifying Subject Experts
  2. •To conduct meetings of subject groups for developing curriculum
  3. •To prepare draft curriculum of the subjects identified for subject groups
  4. •Attend trainings arranged do get inputs about policy, methodology adopted for curriculum development
  5. •To attend meetings of all the coordinators of Project Institute to finalize the draft curriculum of all the subjects
  6. •To attend meeting of the board of studies arranged for approval of draft curriculum.
  7. •To follow up with implementation of the curriculum in his institute
  8. •To Keep in touch with course coordinator and brief him/her about the progress made.•See that the curriculum development progresses and completed as per schedule.
  9. •Visit some good institutes.
  10. •Visit if necessary industry.
  11. •Collect data about curriculum of autonomous and other institutes.
  12. •Collect data on Internet from other countries diploma curriculum.
  13. •To prepare guideline document for implementation of the curriculum for teachersTerms of References for Subject Expert:
  14. •To attend training session arranged to understand the methodology of curriculum development
  15. .•To work in the group to develop curriculum for the identified group of subjects.
  16. •To develop draft curriculum as per the time schedule.
  17. •To attend the meetings arranged for the development of curriculum.
  18. •To prepare final draft of the curriculum of the identified group of subjects.

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