MSBTE Result for Summer S19 MSBTE.ORG.IN Polytechnic result MSBTE

MSBTE Result was officially published at msbte portals, the candidates who had attended MSBTE Summer examinations can check their result online. MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, MUMBAI 51.


     Class tests for Semester Pattern Courses shall  be conducted  as per curriculum and   
    schedule  of  the class  tests  may be decided by  Institutes  under intimation to RBTE.

     Class  tests for Yearly Pattern Courses  shall  be conducted  as per schedule already intimated  vide reference No.MSBTE/D-40/Acad.Cal/Yearly/2000-2001/ 5165 dated 22/06/2000.

       Fees collected from students must be deposited to RBTE while submitting provisional appearing candidate list.

       Application  forms of Semester and Yearly  Pattern students after the date mentioned at Sr. No. 7 may be accepted upto 5 working days prior to start of  examination  by

    paying fee + late fee + Penalty of Rs. 150/- + Fine of Rs. 500/- per application, provided  such application is recommended  by  the Principal  of  the Institute.

    The Computerised Hall ticket will not be issued to such students and  the result  of such candidates are likely to  be  de­clared with Discrepancy.      

    Ref.No.MSBTE/D-40/Exam.Activity//298  Date :  

              In continuation of the  Office  Circular No.MSBTE/D-40/ Acad.Cal/ Yearly/2000-2001/5165 dated 22/6/2000 for Yearly  Pattern Courses  and  MSBTE/ D-40/ Acad.Cal/ SEMESTER/2000-2001/5166 dated 22/6/2000 for Semester Pattern Courses,  Summer 2001 Examina­tion Activities are as per schedule given below :

    1)  Declaration of Winter :           23/01/
         Examination Result.

    2)  Collection of Diploma Certificates:   Date will be communicated afterwards.
          of Winter Examination by
          Institutes from RBTE.

    3)  Appearing candidates list for            :           20/02/
         Summer Examination from

    4)  Filling Examination forms for            :           24/1/to 2/2/
         Regular & Exstudents for
         Summer Exam with normal                       
         fees at Institute.         

    5)  Filling of Examination forms             :           3/2/to 12/2/
         with normal fee + Late fee
         of Rs.10/- at institute.

    6)  Submission of Provisional                :           23/2/to 2/3/
         appearing candidate (P.A.C) list     
         as per 4 & 5 above to RBTE.           
         (Detail schedule by RBTE will be given)

    7)  Filling up of Examination forms           :         13/2/to 5/3/
         with normal fee + late fee + Penalty
         of Rs.150/- per application at

    8)  Submission of Provisional                 :          9/3/
         appearing candidate (P.A.C) list               (In exceptional case upto 14/3/)
         received as per 4 and 5 above but
         not submitted in given time limit,
         as per 6above by payment of
         penalty  of Rs.400/- per course
         per delayed date to RBTE.

    9)   Submission of Provisional Appearing           :           7/3/to 9/3/
    Candidate(P.A.C) list of students as
    per 7 above to RBTE.
          (Detail Schedule by RBTE will be given.)

    10)  Submission of Computerised                      :           16/3/
           Data of Provisional appearing candidate
           list by RBTE to MSBTE.

    11)  Distribution of Pre-examination                  :           31/3/
           documents to institutions by RBTE for
           Summer 2001 examination.

    TH    Theory
    TM    Theory Test Marks
    PR    Practical
    PM    Practical Test Marks
    AG    Aggregate
    AP    Additional Practical
    OR    Oral
    TW    Term Work
    PJ    Project Work
    SW    Sessional
    IT    Industrial Training
    @    Oral
    *    Failure Marks
    #    Carry Forward Marks
    AB    Absent
    EX    Exemption
    OPT    Optional
    LSP    Lower Semester Pending
    PLY    Pending Lower Year
    WLSP    Result withheld Due To Pending Lower Year
    WFLY    Result Pending Due To Pending Lower Year
    CON    Condoned
    F.T.    Failure But Allowed To Keep Term
    A.T.K.T.    Allowed To Keep Term
    DIST.    Distinction

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