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The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai has revised the Curriculum of various courses and also prepared revised assessment norms in order to improve the quality of Technical Education in Maharashtra State. MSBTE has issued Notification mentioned under reference no. 6 above and made these revised assessments norms applicable with effect from the academic year -05. The coverage of the revised  “CIAAN 2001”  is mentioned in the notification. The institutes started in this academic year are requested to get themselves acquainted with the assessment norms applicable for them.

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In view of the provisions of Revised  “ CIAAN 2001” following groups are identified as External Monitoring Committees (EMS’s ). These EMC’s are authorized to Monitor Academic Processes of  various institutes as per the procedure given in Revised  “ CIAAN 2001” or Assessment   norms 96 as per applicable.

Please note that the monitoring of an institute need to be done on the date mentioned against their institute code only.  Expert appointed from another institutes (mentioned under bracket ) should also accompany the team for monitoring as per schedule. The Chairman of the team is requested to convey the scheduled information to the expert member.

The Revised formats for Academic Monitoring are available on from pages 20 to 43 . You are requested to download the same for necessary purposes.
The Chairman of monitoring committee should submit institute file containing related documents &  report of monitoring with Specific Remarks / Comments to the undersigned latest by 13/03/ without failing.

These EMC’s are authorized to verify the attendance, Term-Work and other Sessional Work and note the dates of completion of the same so that progress can be compared with MSBTE Academic calendar and AICTE norms.

I request you to take up this job on priority and submit the report of your EMC in time.
The Principal of EMC’s are authorised to replace the member of the committee, if necessary except the MSBTE representatives.

Each member of EMC’s shall be entitled for remuneration and incidental charges/ TA/DA as per the MSBTE norms.


(1) All the papers in Envelope No.1 and No.2 should be serially numbered for e.g. if there are ten (10) pages in Envelope No.1 the pages should be numbered as 1/10, 2/10, ….. 10/10 and pages should be firmly attached in form of a booklet. 

(2) All true copies must be attested by Gazetted Officer. 

(3) The supply order will be placed in the name mentioned in cash-receipt, income tax, Sales Tax statement and for any reason change in name of supplier will not be given.

The right to accept or reject any or all tenders in part or whole without assigning any reason thereof is reserved with the Director, M.S. Board of Technical Education, Mumbai and his decision(s) on this matter will be final and binding to all. 

(6) All tenderers are advised to attend the Prebid Conference before submitting the tender, arranged on 10/03/2006 at MSBTE, Bandra Office in the Meeting Room at 11.00 am.  The tenderer or his representative may attend the Prebid Conference.  

(7) Details of specifications relevant leaflets, highlighting features if available should be given.   

(8) Make and name along with recent address of the manufacture must be given 

(9)  Maintenance manual and operation manuals should be supplied along with equipment  

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