MSBTE Acadamic Calender Online: For the year 2019


1)     Submission of Enrollment Forms to RBTE   

Exemption Claims:
    (Application for claiming exemptions in subjects shall be accepted along with the enrollment forms only.) Applications for claiming exemptions received afterwards shall not be accepted.  THE RBTE WILL GRANT EXEMPTIONS PRIOR TO THE DATA ENTRY AND THE SAME WILL BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED TO MSBTE WITH ENROLMENT LIST. MSBTE  will allot enrollment numbers.
  • 1.    Examination fees collected from students must be deposited to RBTE along with provisional  
  •       appearing  Candidate list.
  • 2.    All Institutes are instructed to strictly follow above calendar. No separate correspondence will be made for various activities listed above.
  • 3.    In case due to some reason academic schedule is disturbed, the same shall be restored by conducting extra classes on holidays and by curtailing the vacation period.  The Diwali break is shown for students. The vacation period for staff will be declared by Director of Technical Education..
  • 4.    If on any of the above date Holiday will be declared by Govt of Maharashtra, the respective activity shall be completed on the next working day.
  • 5.    For Winter and Summer Examination, there shall not be holiday on 2nd and 4th Saturdays.
  • 6.    For Advance Diploma, Post Diploma, Post Graduate diploma, Part-time Diplomas and Distance learning Courses also above academic calendar shall be observed. The date of starting of 1st Term for these courses is 23/06/.


  • 1)    First Term    : 21/06/To 10/11/
  • 2)    First Class Test
  • (Except PH & AH Course, Refer Note. No.7 of last page)     : 03/11/To 10/11/
  • 3)    First Internal Academic Monitoring     : 30/08/To 04/09/
  •     Second Internal Academic Monitoring    :  25/10/To 30/10/
  •     First External Academic Monitoring    : 04/10/To 08/10/
  • 4)    Diwali Break    :  (11/11/To 18/11/)
  • 5)    Winter Theory Examinations    : 19/11/To 03/12/
  • 6)     Winter Practcal /Oral Exam    : 04/12/To 10/12/
  • 7)     Second Term    : 19/11/To 19/03/
  • 8)     Second Class Test                          
  • (Except PH & AH Courses, refer Note No.7)            : 14/02/To 21/02/
  • 9)    Third Internal Academic Monitoring     : 10/01/To 15/01/
  •     Fourth Internal Academic Monitoring    : 21/02/To 25/02/
  •     Second External Academic Monitoring    : 14/03/To 19/03/
  • 10)    Summer 2005 Pract./Oral Exams    : 01/04/To 12/04/
  • 11)    Summer 2005 Theory Exams     :15/04/To 05/05/
  • 12)    Result of Summer 2005 Examination    2nd Week of June
  • 13)    Start of Next Academic Year    : 13/06/


  • 1)    Declaration of Summer Examination Result                                            :  06/07/.
  • 2)    Filling Examination forms for Ex-Students for Winter Exam with normal fees at Institute    : 15/07/
  • 3)    Filling of Examination forms with normal fees + late fee of Rs.10/- at Institute    : 26/07/
  • 4)     Filling of Examination forms with normal fee + late fee + Penalty of Rs. 150/- per application at institute        : 04/08/
  • 5)    Extreme last date of filling of exam. forms with additional fine of Rs.500/- per application over penalty.
  • Note :  Exam.forms will not be accepted later in any case.    :  14/11/
  • 6)    Submission of application for eligibility/exemption by Institute to RBTE     : 31/08/
  • 7)    Schedule for Summer examination will be given after declaration of  Examination result.

Special Sessional test details

  • 1.    PH and AH Course -    1st Sessional Test         25/10/To  30/10/.
  •                                                2nd Sessional Test         24/01/To  31/01/.
  •                                                3rd Sessional Test         07/03/To  12/03/.
  • 2.    Students appearing for backlog subjects due to change of branch or direct admission to 2nd year  are considered as ex-students, for backlog subjects.

  • 3.    Application forms of Semester and Yearly Pattern students after the date mentioned at Sr.No.8 of schedule for Winter examination activities may be accepted upto 5 working days prior to start of examination by paying fee + late fee + Penalty of Rs.150/- + Fine of Rs.500/- per application, provided such application is recommended by the Principal of the Institute.  The Computerized Hall ticket will not be issued to such students and the result of such candidates are likely to be declared with Discrepancy.

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