Importance of sleep. exclusively for students

Many students nowadays underestimate the importance of sleep, even though they all know that sleep is very important for health and happiness.

But there are 2 very important things that sleep can affect:

1. You will not be able to change a habit if you don't get enough sleep.
2. You will be getting lack of motivation with lack of sleep.

Many usually think that by getting up early will more productive and will be good for health too, but unless you are getting enough sleep. It is undeniable truth that sleep is the most important yet least valued factors when we are creating a new habit. We can say that whenever sleep levels drop the productivity will also drop, and hence the motivation. Below are some more examples:

1. I try to wake up early even though I stay up late, so I am having lack of sleep. I go on doing my daily activity without much strain.
2. The next day I follow the same routine, staying up late and waking up early. Now I get more sleep deficit.
3.  I keep on continuing this till am very tired, I feel worse. I now have no desire to do anything.

get enough sleep
So what you have learned from this lesson? Try getting enough sleep and if your body feels like tires, restless. Use some sleep, it will help you.

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