Toll Free Service

What is Toll-Free Number?

Toll Free Number which can be configured on the web and is combined with a powerful and professional IVR. Toll Free Number starts with 1800
It is more economical than a regular toll free and gives you exciting features like call recording and support for after office hours.

What can Toll Free Service be used for?

Toll Free number provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business. The charges for using a Toll Free number are paid by you instead of your potential customers. The number can be called by fixed line and mobile subscribers of any service providers in India.
When Customers call the TollFree Number, they are greeted by a professionally recorded IVR which routes the calls depending upon the keys pressed by the customer and configuration made by you.
When you marketing campaigns in SMS, Print or Radio there is a surge of callbacks / inquiries in a short span of advertisement going live. The regular phone number cannot handle more than two calls (1 live and other waiting) at the same time. Valuable leads are lost with regular phone numbers but not with Toll Free Number which can handle upto 100 parallel callers.

Key Benefits of having Toll Free Service

  • A toll free number gives customers a simple and convenient way to get in touch at no cost to them.
  • This helps my company establish a strong identity and better recall with prospective and existing customers.
  • Increases profile of new and small businesses and helps develop customer loyalty
  • No need to change your number as this number sits on top of your existing one.
  • Keep this number for the life of your business as it can be moved between fixed line and mobile phone
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction by providing free after-sales support in certain products/services.
  • Innovative & simple pricing structure allows you to maintain your focus on solutions, without worrying about the expenses.
  • Pricing strategy for our integrated services can reduce your overall communications costs.
  • TAAM provide you a complete telecommunications solution which would include designing, installation, maintenance, and networking management.
  • TAAM also offers Toll Free Service , adding to its large range of services under Business Solutions. Toll Free Service can help you boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your customers with a cost-free method to contact you.
    Toll Free Service subscriber is allotted a Toll Free Service number 1800-YYY-XXXX , where 1800 is the service level followed by a 3 digit number YYY which is the Operator code allotted to TAAM and XXXX is the unique subscriber number.

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